I fell in love with writing while I was in college. In the beginning, fiction was the only thing that mattered. I started reading writers who captured my attention in a way that no art really had before. Denis Johnson, Cormac McCarthy, Larry Brown, and then Raymond Carver, Eudora Welty, Andre Dubois -- these authors showed me that literature was so much more than the classics and the bestsellers list

At the same time, I was learning about professional writing and creativity in the business world. I wanted to know that world, and to see what it felt like to live in. I interned at a small creative firm in Chattanooga called Whiteboard, where I learned content strategy, content management, and the process of branding for web. I've become fascinated with collaborating on design and copy to bring an idea to life. 
I've since done a few freelance jobs with 26 Tools llc, and I'm always looking to write for new clients.

This collection of work was done for Whiteboard during my internship in 2014.