Right now, all I can do is update.

Since 2016 started, I've been forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone. I've tried things and been in places that I never thought I would. Some things--most things--haven't worked out, but they weren't failures. Until recently, I thought anything that wasn't a success was failure. And that's terrifying, paralyzing, etc. 

It's still a constant effort not to shrink back, but one thing that has started taking shape is sharing music with people. From July to now I've been playing my songs out away from my house and comfort zone. Mostly I've been playing for the friends I've made in our temporary Indiana home, but the community here has begun noticing and welcoming me. 

So here's what's next: I have to put music out. Writing songs and making demos is energizing and necessary for me. Tracking a record of my songs at any length, making the sounds that will represent all the work I've put in, is the hardest thing I've done so far. That's why I have to do it over and over, facing this same old stuff & insecurities again and again until I'm happy and proud to say it's mine. I'm in the process now of releasing a five song collection. Once this short album is finished, I want to look for a home for it. I'm aware that I need people on my team.
But, I don't want to get ahead of myself.

I'm excited (I think) to use this platform to talk more about these songs and this project as it progresses. I love coming across blogs from songwriters I respect and seeing that they've shared their thoughts on what they are doing. And if no one ever reads these things I write, I do it for me. I like this.

Photos by: Katherine Stinton

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