The Lafayette Theater 10/21/16

I have no clue what this is going to be yet.
Emily Denton, Chelsy Albertson, and I performed our first full set together on Friday night. We worked hard during our limited schedules, and I think we pulled out a good show.

All photos by: Katherine Nau Stinton

Since Megan and I moved to Lafayette, I've had a hard time getting out and playing. It's something that I can explain but have a hard time talking about. I don't know how many feel this way, but my songs are strangely sacred to me. Sometimes I hate them. But, I always love them. The chance of a crowd of people hating (or worse, not caring) about those songs has more weight than the chance of that same crowd enjoying and understanding them. It's silly, I think, but it's a paralyzing fear sometimes. 

Lafayette, Indiana has been such a warm and welcoming city for me in so many ways. I have been blown away by the kindness and encouragement the art community here has given me. I feel excited – pumped up! – to write more and make music. 

Here's a clip of my song Summer Morning with Emily & Chelsy.


With fingers crossed, I'm going to start recording outside of my bedroom. If you're interested, it'll start getting posted on my new facebook page.


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