Song: Young Fathers

I want to write a full length record about three young men with pregnant partners. I want stories about wanting or not wanting a child. And characters that are forced to grow up, and watch young women become stronger than they themselves could ever imagine becoming.

I have no idea how I'm going to do this. I have this problem that I think most of us deal with. Everything I want to do seems to get pushed to the back of the shelf. And the things I want to do most are the things I do the least. I want to have discipline and finish what I start. Maybe having this website will help; maybe it won't.
I have been obsessed lately with The National and, even more, their writing process. Aaron Dessner and Matt Berninger have such an amazing technique, I think. I love the production on their records and I love the lyrics. It turns out they are two completely separate entities. Aaron and his brother Bryce compose the music without any idea about what the vocal melody and lyrics will be. And it isn't until the song has taken shape that Matt Berninger sits down and begins to hammer out the melody and then the lyrics. It's so interesting to me -- especially since his lyrics tend to be so particular and image heavy.
I love working out new ideas and I'd like to give this a shot: composition preceding lyrics. Maybe I can live in my obsession. Maybe this time I can make it all the way to the end before I decide that it isn't good enough.